Withered Gideon is another one of the 4 Animtronics based off the "Alpha Squad", an intelligent and high class bounty hunting squad.

Withered Gideon
Character Information
Known as Gideon
Species Humanoid robot
Gender Male
Color black beanie, blue ATLAS soldier's uniform, Caucasian.
Occupation encourage safety.
Starting location P/S
First appearance January 17, 2008
Status Retired


Withered Gideon has rips and tears in his costume and has a few holes in his "Skin" revealing his endoskeleton. He is 7" tall, like the rest of his counter-parts

Locations Edit

Withered Gideon doesn't follow a pattern, he is more or less like a nomad, travelling wherever and whenever he wants. He does start in the Backstage/P&S, however.

Behavior/Personality Edit

Withered Gideon has a good personality, but usually doesn't talk much. He has the ability to speak, and will often speak to other animatronics and his squad. he is friendly with everyone except Freddy. Freddy was kind of a d*** to him.

Backstory Edit

See Withered Creeper, except don't really focus on the whole Creeper part...

Relationships Edit

Squad-quite obvious

Freddy- "F*** off Freddy"- Withered Gideon

Nightguards- cool with 'em, but don't let their flashlights get in their eyes.

Humans- don't particularly care 'bout 'em

Animatronics- Pretty fly.

Mech-Apoteryx- He's a Douchebag, but he hast to work with him

Facts Edit

  1. Gideon has no idea what a pizza is.