Character Information
Species Trickster Spirit, mixed
Gender Male
Color Blue fur, brown hair, pink eyes
First appearance  ?
Status Alive

Appearance Edit

Watashi has two forms, 'small' and 'human'. When 'small', he is around 4ft (1.21 m) tall, with proportions similar to a child.

In his human form, he is around 5ft 7in (1.70 m), and appears similar to a teenaged boy. In any form, he wears a dark colored hoodie, jeans, short boots, and his mask. His eyes and head are usually covered by his hood and mask, but when visible, he has pink eyes, brown hair and blue ears with green tips.

Locations Edit

He is often in the basement's living room, his shared room with Akane, in the rafters, or hanging around candy dispensers.

Behavior / Personality Edit

Watashi has an addiction to candy, he'll do almost anything to get it. Occasionally he will turn objects that aren't candy into candy. Watashi almost never walks, he uses magic to float himself around. He's naturally very shy but will snuggle people he knows well almost ferociously.

History Edit

Not much is known about Watashi's history. He, like other demons, comes from Hell, and he has some sort of past with the other Tricksters in the pizzeria. His known blood family is Bonta (played by NefariousChild).

Trivia Edit

  • Watashi's favorite flavor is raspberry.
  • He does not have pupils, his eyes are just pink.
  • His animal attributes are half cat and half fox.
  • The Trickster jewel he carries is in the shape of a pentagram.
  • His favorite colors are black, pink and blue.