Terry Dactyl
Vital statistics
Position Dining Hall
Age Created 1 year ago.
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 3'2
Weight 140 pounds
What happens if you pull my wings? I get Dino-Sore!
— One of Terry's main jokes.

Appearance Edit

A rather small animatronic, Terry is a bit damaged, around the wing joints, as well as a neck and joint, as those are his most used joints. His eyes are sunken deep, with the rights flicking LED light not always turning on.

Locations Edit

First activating in the dining hall, Terry is kept in a table slightly obscured by shadow, except for his flickering eyes. When he is triggered, he'll either go down the east or west hall.

Behavior Edit

Strangely, Terry can go the entire night with out triggering. When his eyes flash, it means he's active, but not yet triggered. If mike was to use the lights in the room, Terry goes into spasms, before flying down the halls. It's not the most effective flight, because he needs to pause. He often will pause by the office window, and look in, then continue into the room, where during his kill, he attacks Mike, before dragging him off to the back stage.

History Edit

Purchased just last year, not much has happened with Terry, excluding an incident where he fell on someone, and broke the women's ribs. After slight modifications to his talons, he can now hold on tighter.

Other Facts Edit

  • Because his talons were made to grip, he is capable of dragging people, as indicated in his kill animation.
  • He has a small stuffed plush made based of him, which can be bought in the giftstore.