Character Information
Known as Saphira or Sapphire
Species animatronic bearded dragon
Gender Female
Color blue and black
Occupation Animatronic pet
Starting location Prize Corner
First appearance Night 1
Status Being loved
I may be small, but I can still kick your butt!
— Saphira

Guten Tag everyone!Bluedragon here, with another animatronic! Get your plushies ready, because this one is adorable!

Appearance Edit

Saphira can be descibed as a small animatronic bearded dragon, being 3 feet tall, and located in the prize corner. She often is seen with the plasticy look of the "toy" series of the animatronics, She represents a bearded dragon, though she is blue instead of the usual dirty brown coloring of a normal bearded dragon.

Locations Edit

She often ends up anywhere in the pizzeria, and it's hard to see her. Because of her size, she can get anywhere really. And if you are not careful, she will scamper through the vents quickly and easily, and be in the office almost right away.

Behavior Edit

When in the office, she seems to hide behind objects on the desk, and the screen will not flash black. But putting the mask on will not make her leave, in fact, it will cause her to attack. You actually need to click "pet" her, and she will purr. She will leave the office, and return later for more attention.

If by chance, you fail to pet her, and put on your mask, or open the camera and ignore her, she will start to glitch, her built in growth system will malfunction, and she will grow very large, about 15 feet tall, and attack the player. Only then will the screen flash, and she seems to disappear.

History Edit

No real history behind this Animatronic

Relationship Edit

Saphira loves ANYONE who gives her attention.

Mari: Sees her as her loving owner.

Larry: kinda dislikes his comments.

Other Facts Edit

  • She was built to be a pet, so she can eat, sleep, drink, and grow.
  • She loves coffee, but an interesting effect happens to her when she drinks it.
  • She normally is only about 3 ft tall, but can grow, and mature, due to her growth system.
  • Her voice is not actually very fabricated, she uses hisses and other noises to communicate. Though she can speak slightly, she must be programmed to speak better. Her voice sounds rather childish, high pitched, but it is smooth at the same time.