Mike Schmidt
Get Mikey
~ Up all night to get Mikey ~

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Character Information
Known as Mike, Mikey, Guard
Species Human
Gender Male
Color That's up to you!
Occupation Night Guard
Starting location Office
First appearance Night 1
Status ~Stayin Alive~
— Mike

Mike Schmidt is the current night guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, and has been working there for about a week. Mike's job involves keeping animatronics from entering his office and stuffing him into a suit, killing him. 


Mike does not have a confirmed skin color (it is up to your interpretation!), blue eyes, no hair yet possesses hair on his arm, and usually sports a frowning expression. He has scars on his head, these scars were given to him in 1987, when Mike was a good little boy who was addicted to Foxy, always wearing a bandana, eye patch, and even had a plastic hook on his right hand. That was, of course, until Phantom Freddy bit his frontal lobe, affecting his memory and decision-making. Ever since that happened, Mike has gotten total amnesia of when he was 8 and under, and can't recall when or how he got his scars.


Mike is usually only at the office, as he is not allowed to leave his position. However, if aggravated, Mike will march over to where ever the bad thing is, and strangle it until it stops, due to his anger issues from the aforementioned frontal lobe damage. Whenever his shift ends, you can usually find him at his house or at the Kitchen, eating pizza.

Mike Icon


Mike is usually a normal guy, but he has anger issues and a drinking problem. If aggravated he will beat the hell out of whatever is causing him trouble. However, when he was 7 and under, he was very childish and happy all the time. Lil' Mike would normally be found playing with Freddy Fazbear licensed toys or nearby the pirates cove.


In 1980, Mike was born into the world and was a cute little baby, not much happened at that time. When he turned 4, he spent his birthday at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, and was in love with it. His favorite animatronic was Foxy, and every birthday he had he would spend it at that pizzeria. In 1987, Mike got a little too close to Phantom Freddy, spilling his drink on him, and Phantom Freddy (accidently?) bit his frontal lobe. Mike then gained total amnesia and spent the rest of his childhood playing video games and spending time in arcades. There is no record of what happened during 1988 to 1997. On 1998, he took a job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria as the night guard, and our journey begins there.


Mike has recently had "changes" happen to him, causing him to have changed into random different forms.

Mikey the Lil' Mike

Lil' Mikey Picture receives full credit of Rebornica.

Lil' Mikey: Lil' Mikey is what Mike was like before the bite of '87, he's very joyful and happy and curious and mostly like any other child on the face of the earth.


Mike the Mongrel Picture receives full credit of Rebornica.

Mike the Mongrel: Mike the Mongrel is what Mike looks like once he's given an animatronic suit, he mostly becomes mongrel whenever he's near death, but not knocked out.


Jeremy Fitzgerald: Mike looks down to Jeremy as a son and helps him during his shifts.

John Smith: John is Mike's boss, and Mike hates him. Mike usually sees John as some evil person who loves money and hates happiness.

Doll: Doll is Mike's girlfriend, and the reason Mike took this job in the first place, as Mike needs the money to buy a ring to propose to Doll. Doll's real name is currently unknown.

Freddy, or anyone in the Fazbear crew: Mike hates them, all of them, EVERY SINGLE ONE, He is constantly harassed by them, and are the only things standing in Mike's eternal victory.

Toy Fazbear Crew: Mike dislikes the new Crew, but is able to put up with them better than the first Fazbear crew.

Golden Freddy: SĮL̵ENC̡E ̀ I͘S̴ GO̶LD͘E̵N͘


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Blaze: Mike thinks that Blaze's friendliness just a big scam, and does not trust her at all.

Guil: Mike is not fond of Guil, due to the fact that Guil likes to scare him.

Wuffy: Mike is on fair grounds with Wuffy, due to the fact that while Wuffy can help Mike and supply power for him, he can potentially learn how to be an animatronic god with all animatronic powers.

Iris: Mike thinks of Iris as a friend, due to the fact that Iris helps him every now and then.

Daiki: Mike dislikes Daiki, but he has no idea why. It may be because he closely resembles the animatronics, due to him being an animal, or because Daiki hates Mike, or because he becomes VERY suggestive when drunk, but the world may never know.

Phantom Freddy: Mike considers himself friends with Phantom, but at times Phantom will start to yell and scream and cry whenever Mikes hat flops, and Mike gets quite confused when that happens.

Pippy: Mike has only met him once, but he has mixed feelings as Pippy is quite friendly when he is not on shift but very deadly when Mike is on shift.

Foxxy: Mike is neutral with this human animatronic because she's neutral to him. However, Mike wonders how she has access to the cameras and radios.

Godfrey: Uhh ... well ... no comment.

Kay: Mike is quite afraid of Kay, due to the fact that she is the only really threatening dragolf, and the fact that she can breath fire.

Balloon Boy: Mike generally tries to help BB out, and doesn't try to hurt him at all BECAUSE IF HE DOES HE GETS HIS ASS HANDED TO HIM BY SOME OTHER ANIMATRONIC.

Oliver: Mike doesn't think much of the barn owl, due to the fact that Mike isn't much of a listener.

Prince Whinny: Mike thinks very little of the horned horse, and finds it easy to keep him away from the office.

Melody: Mike doesn't think much of Melody, but finds it hard to keep Melody away from the office.

Ference: Mike has yet to meet Ference (well, he has, but he didn't think much of him).

Ripper Freddy: Mike has yet to meet Ripper Freddy.


S̙̘͕͖̦̉͑̅ͩ̑̒͊ͭ̓I̗̲̦̞ͬ͐̆ͭ́̀͘L̵̼͕͙͚̺ͩE͋̑̽͏͓͝Ņ̧̦̯͆͗̀̈́́C͐̌ͥͪ̽̃̎͏̗̻͠E̷̘̼̭̎ͨ̋̒͆̃͗̕͡ ̩ͩ͌ͫ̑̉̏͛̐̊͝Į̖̲͕̫̫ͧ́S͔͉̫̪̋͊ͣͩ͛ͦͬ̒͝͠ ͖̤͙̥̄͑͢G̺̲̣̐̉ͤ̓O̥̞̻̪̺ͦͯͣ̄̍L͔͇̮ͦ͋ͧͧ̄̓D̳̬̯̜̖̥̿ͮͩͬ̊͊͗̚͝Ę͋̄̾͗̆̓͏̟̦̣̱̙̩͈̺̺N͕̹͙̯͑ͯ̋̿̆ͅ



  • Mike has been know to love video games, but mostly Nintendo games.
  • Lil' Mikey had 5 best (and only) friends, who are now deceased.
  • Mike's favorite beer is any beer.
  • Mike is known to drink on the job. Fortunately, his boss doesn't seem to notice
  • Mike is terrified of centipedes, no one knows why.
  • Mike has yet to learn how to tie ties.

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