Leon the Chameleon
Character Information
Known as Leon
Species Animatronic Chameleon
Gender Male
Color Bright Green (coloring varies)
Occupation  ?
Starting location Outer Toolshed
First appearance 1978 (debut)
Status Unknown, presumed to be destroyed
Want to play-play-play hide and go Se-e-seek?
— Leon's qoute

Appearance Edit

At about 6 foot 4 inches, Leon isn't that tall, but that's the least of his issues. His arms and legs are thin and lanky, almost similar in appearance to Foxy, but his gut is fat and round, giving him a odd body shape. His neck is made of long arm joints, allowing him to swivel his head around in a almost full 360° angle. The stuffing in his belly is starting to fall out of his gut, giving him a zombie like visage.

Locations Edit

Leon follows 2 paths.

Outside > Showstage > Dining Hall > Pirate's Cove > East Hall

On harder nights, he'll follow Chica and Freddy's path, making him unpredictable.

Behavior Edit

Starting in an outdoor tool shed, he begins his prowl by entering the Pizzeria. Once he's in, he'll slowly move down the halls, going either down Pirates Cove or the Bathrooms, taking about 2-3 minutes real time. Once he hits the door, he'll stare in. If the current Night Shift guard uses the light on him, he'll rush down the hall, right out the door. He'll return soon, and move faster, hunting for the guard. Other nights, when his AI is above 15, he'll do a quick little ditty, about hide and seek. Once he's done, he'll act as if he was hit by lights, then will resume his attack.

His unique trait, is that he can blend in with his surroundings. Not like a Predator can, but enough to be hard to see. To explain better, if he is in the dining hall's lit area, he will be grey.

History Edit

To be added.

Other Facts Edit

  • Leon is one of the few animatronics to have small teeth.
  • It's unknown how he changes color.