Hello organic children of planet Earth. I am here to protect you.
Kultron, or Kurltron
Character Information
Known as Kobra
Species robot/android
Gender none; can be considered non-binary
Color green, yellow and red
Occupation protecting humans
Status alive

History Edit

Kurltron was created by a alternate universe John used to protect the night-guards from the animatronics. Kurltron realized that he couldn't destroy all the animatronics at once in this era, so he built a time-machine to go back in time where there were fewer animatronics so his goal could be accomplished faster. "Certain" people can make him spare animatronics, but most aren't.

Appearance Edit

He appears as a green/yellow/red robot, slim and about 7'3. He has two forms, one which is his normal slim form, normally green and yellow, which is called Kurltron-6. His other form, is much more wider and taller, and at this form he is 8'4 inches, and he is more red and blackish in this color, with antler-like horns on his head. However, he can use his Molecular Re-arranger machine to change his appearance.

Personality Edit

His personality fluctuates, but he is mostly friendly to humans, with a strong code of honor, and he always tells the truth to whoever he feels is nice enough to him, and how he feels. He currently only one week old, so he acts immature and childish at times, but he also acts like a adult, so it could interfere with his work.

Relationships Edit

Mike Schmidt: Due to being a human, he has a neutral relationship with Mike. He's generally helping Mike complete the nights and makes Mike safe from the animatronics.