Kevin Cobbler
Character Information
Known as Kevin or Kev
Species Human
Gender Male
Color White hair and brown eyes
Occupation Living off of federal aid
First appearance 01/04/1986
Status Alive
You are only as good as how you limit yourself; push beyond that for a better you.
— Kevin Cobbler

A young man of an unfortunate past, he frequently goes to the Pizzeria for inspiration, motivation, and actually getting out of the house. He is owned by NefariousChild.

Appearance Edit

Kevin has shoulderblade length white hair that is tied back frequently and dark brown eyes. He wears simple clothes, ones that are easy to get on and off. He is wheelchair bound.

Behavior/Personality Edit

Kevin is a fairly kind guy, trying to be helpful where he can. He is terrified of being a burden or being a deadweight; this thought process having lead to low self-esteem and depression issues. He tries to be polite and keep his temper about him, but sometimes he can't stop lashing out; this often leads to him breaking down. He is stubborn though and that might be his saving grace.

History Edit

Kevin was an orphan at a young age due to his parents being unable to raise him. Growing up, he was adopted at the age of five and started baseball soon after. He enjoyed the sport and connections that he got from it.

When he was eight, he had won the state tournament with his team, The Chimeras. He was so overjoyed and he wanted to keep these bonds and memories. As a reward, his adopted parents took him to the amusement park to celebrate the victories.

While there, tragedy struck as a cable on a roller coaster snapped, striking him in the back. He spent a long time in the hospital, his life hanging in the balance. Too stubborn to die, he woke up some time later though after hearing the news of his paralysis he wished he hadn't.

That started one issue after another, Kevin blaming himself for them all. At the age of 12, he suffered from a rare disease called the Marie Antuinette syndrome where his hair turned completely white. Mortified, he continued to be bullied, harassed, and tormented. He went to therapy for a very long time after he tried to commit suicide.

At the age of 27, he came across the pizzeria and heard the laughter and joy of what was going on inside. Curiosity overtaking him, he went inside to a world that felt like pure imagination for him. He has gone there every day since first finding it.

He graduated college with a major in psychology and a minor in drama at the age of 28.

Relationships (optional) Edit

  • The Animatronics- "I adore them all, each so full of life and wonder."
  • Sposen- " *blush* "

Other Facts/Trivia Edit

  • He goes to the pizzeria to draw or write, sometimes just visit the animatronics, sometimes to people watch
  • He has a crush on Sposen.
  • He has some designs for animatronics that he is too afraid to show.