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Character Information
Known as Kairy
Species Animatronic dragon
Gender Female
Color Pink and brown with white wings.
Occupation Not even supposed to exist
Starting location Basement
First appearance Night 2
Status Active
Dragon's are magnificent creatures~
— Kairy

Gutten tag! Bluedragon290 here with a fourth animatronic! Whoop whoop! This one is based on a friends character, and I may just make this a collaborated character with her! We will figure it out soon enough, until then, read what I got! Tschau!

Appearance Edit

From the modern line of animatronic looks, Kairy is a pink and brown dragon, she stands at about 3'2 and her wings are jointed all around. She has aqua blue markings on her arms, and a bit on her face. Her shoulders and tip of her tail are brown.

Locations Edit

She starts in the basement in Daiki's room, and attempts to seek out where he is, if she cannot find him, she makes her way to the office to play with the night guard(usually involves death of said night watch by her many cousins)

Behavior Edit

She moves spastically and without true purpose or motive, she is only a child so she likes to explore and play, she is also a bit of a prankster

History Edit

Daiki longed for a child but lacking a mate to have one, he took matters into his own hands and created one loosely based on his sister, taking what little he knew of her personality and how she acted as a child, he crafted Kairy, but during the move, the little hatchling was forgotten in the old basement and trapped under there for 10 years...she eventually broke out and is reunited with her daddy and causing endless shenanigans

Relationships Edit

Daiki Fukada: This is her father and creator, she loves him very much and is willing to go to great lengths to please him, even if she does make mistakes along the way...

Saphira: Saphira is Kairy's very best friend, but sometimes she squishes her or trips over her on accident

Other Facts Edit

  • Based on the Dragolf Kay Highwind-Fazbear
  • She is a child animatronic
  • She possesses a unique growth system