Appearance Edit

Character Information
Species Demon (Eternal)
Gender Female
Occupation Mechanic
First appearance  ?
Status Alive

Iris (Blanche) has medium length silver hair, one green eye, one red eye, and vampire's fangs. She often has cat ears (seen in all forms except her most human form), purple-black raven's wings (seen in every form). She is often wearing a toolbelt, hoodie/sweatshirt and jeans. She is occasionally barefoot, especially when in the Play Area and Basement rooms. Her left arm is made of metal, as it was cut off a long time ago.

Origin/Backstory Edit

Not much is currently known about Iris. It has been stated and demonstrated that she has origins from Hell. She claims to have been living in the Fazbear basements since they opened. Iris is not particularly open about her past experiences with humans, but it can be gathered that she was in a circus along with her romantic interest Eteril (Played by NefariousChild.)

Abilities Edit

Iris has shown to be able to change her forms, (as previously mentioned) via magic. Other such magical attributes include teleportation, levitation, spell-casting and speaking in ancient tongues. Iris has flawlessly been able to replicate speaking and making sounds as one of the animatronics would. The current list of sounds is: Freddy's Laugh, Animatronic Scream, Golden-Freddy Scream, Golden-Freddy Poster Laugh, and the various Hallucination noises.

Iris can fix most animatronics, provided she has the correct parts nearby.

Locations Edit

Iris, not being an animatronic, has no current "set" locations. She is often in the Basement, Backstage, the rafters of the Dining Hall, or in the corner of the office. Occasionally she is in the Supply Closet or onstage.

In the FNaF 2 pizzeria, she is often in Party Room 3's rafters, the ceiling of the Office, and Kid's Cove.

Misc, Trivia Edit

  • Iris is extremely attached to the animatronics, especially Bonnie, Foxy, Wuffy, Oliver and Whinny. If anyone unauthorized touches or harms them, she will kill them, and often proclaim "Don't touch my metal children."
  • Iris dislikes water and fire.
  • Iris cannot get drunk off alcohol easily. The best way to see Drunk Iris is with blood or catnip.
  • Her favorite colors are black, purple and red.
  • Her favorite food is fish.
  • Iris can speak Japanese, English, Hellspeak and cat.
  • Iris emits the laughter heard when the player glances at the Golden Freddy poster.
  • If a camera is kept on Iris too long she will make her way to the office, or in some situations, teleport and kill the current guard.