Gunter Mauve
Character Information
Known as Gunter, Gun, Purple Dude, Grinner, creep
Species Poltergeist
Gender Male
Color Raven purple hair and violet eyes
Occupation Former Guard at FFP
Starting location Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria
First appearance October 31st, 2007
Status Deceased

Purple is such a lovely color
— Gunter

The forever-grining spirit, that is also purple in color, Gunter comes from a distant place. He haunts the pizzeria, desperate for a friend. He belongs to NefariousChild

== Appearance ==
He has shoulder length raven purple hair (black with natural purple highlights), sunken violet eyes, and gaunt skin. He wears the uniform of the pizzeria guards, but in a dark purple hue. He is always grinning, even in depressing times. He has rope burn marks around his neck.

== Locations ==
He goes where ever there is the most activity in the pizzeria; be that the office, P/S, or the stage.

== Behavior/Personality ==
He is a kind fellow with a warm heart. He just wants a friend who will not judge him based on looks but rather the content of his character. He can be lead astray if he isn't careful in who he picks as a friend.

== History ==
In his past, he apparently suffered a disease that left him partially paralyzed in the face, making him unable to frown. This lead to severe bullying and attempts on his life until he had to be homeschooled. Even then, his situation did not improve and he tried suicide several times.

After getting a job at Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria, he finally started to feel at home. He followed all the rules to a T and enforced those rules.

When he saw some kids slip into the back room, he followed them to tell them that it was an employee-only section. He was ambushed by the five kids and was about to be killed by them had he not fought back for his life. He killed them in self-defense, but no one believed his case and he was charged with 5 cases of manslaughter. He was on death row and he could not sleep for six nights prior to his death.

== Other Facts/Trivia ==
* He is from an alternate universe.
* He is "the purple guy" from that AU.
* He was born 05/17 and died 09/29 at the age of 35.
* He has two sisters and one brother, none of which he is close to.
* His favorite animatronic is the Marionette.