The Ceiling Vent is a vent located directly in the center of the ceiling of The Office.

Animatronics that come through hereEdit

Mike SchmidtEdit

Mike Schmidt is provided with a vent grate.


  • Allows Mike to prevent an animatronic from coming through the vent if placed quick enough.
  • Does not consume electrical power.


  • Animatronics that stay at the vents for extended periods of time have a bigger chance of breaking the grate.
  • The grate may fall off if placed incorrectly.

Jeremy FitzgeraldEdit

Jeremy Fitzgerald is able to put on his Freddy Fazbear Head to avoid getting caught by the animatronics. Also, Jeremy is able to use his flashlight for the ceiling vent.


  • More reaction time because the animatronics must crawl out of the vent.
  • Flashing trick works on ceiling vent animatronics.


  • Failing to put on the mask while the animatronics are crawling out halves reaction time while they are in the Office.
  • The flashing trick no longer works if the animatronics have seen you once they have crawled out, and halves your reaction time.