Benny the Bull
Character Information
Known as Benny the Bull
Species Animatronic Bull
Gender Male
Color Tan
Occupation  ?
Starting location Shootin' Gallery
First appearance 1995
Status Active
Greetin' Pardna, and welcome to the Rootin' Tootin' Shootin' Gallery!
— Benny's greeting

Appearance Edit

Touching 7 foot, with the horns included, this animatronic hasn't had the best of time, in the last decade or so. A once dark brown is now a light, almost tan color, as exposed wiring peek from around his eyes. After an accident with his left eye servo breaking, the eye swings around of its own abandon, giving the smiling face on plastered on the bull a comically deranged look, which is turned almost frighting when the head moves, spinning the eyeball around. His outfit, that of a sheriff, has seen better days, as it's ripped here and there, and the fake leather lightened as well.

Locations Edit

Starting at the Shooting Gallery, he wanders in a semi random loop, and is given away by the sound of his clopping hooves, or a loud snort. He tends to linger in rooms that are more open, such as the Dining Hall, but that doesn't stop him from going into most rooms. He also tends to linger longer on the eastern side of Freddy's When aggro'd he takes the shortest path to the east hall, and attempts to charge through the door.

Behavior Edit

Unusual for most animatronics, Benny isn't outwardly aggressive, and it more often triggered. He wanders around, tending to linger roughly a few minutes real time. When the Camera is used in a room he is in, he gets aggro'd. 3 times and he charges down the hall. Higher AI settings make him run faster, taking shorter path's down the halls.

History Edit

Made in 1995, Benny was designed for a proposed shooting gallery that was never made. Without a place for the western themed bull, they put him in storage. Unable to move, and poorly cared for, the old giant bull started to fall into disrepair. In 2003, they released the Shootin’ Gallery, and decided he’d be it’s star. With a singing tune, he gives the rules to the players. However, in 2005, Fazbear entertainment was sued by Nickelodeon, as they had a character from Dora The Explorer of the same name. Going there to check for more possible lawsuits, the lawyer went missing, after he stayed after hours. The next few year, people complained of rancid smells from the bull, yet no one ever looked hard for the lawyer.

Other Facts Edit

  • Benny is one of the few animatronics to have blunted teeth, which are square-like and rather stiff.
  • His voice was done by a small time country singer, who’s kids visit Fazbear’s every year.
  • The reward for winning the Shootin’ Gallery is either a stuffed main cast member, or a stuffed Benny
  • He should not be confused with Dora the Explorer character the same name.