Me didn't know you guys care so little about Apocalizarro


Character Information
Known as Apocalypse
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Color Gray
Occupation none, but he'd like to be a security guard
Starting location Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria
First appearance Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria
Status Alive

History Edit

Early Appearances Edit

Apocalizarro is always hiding, due to him having some sort of power that lets him turn into a puddle. If there was a night guard, he'd most likely be a spill on the desk or a crumbled up piece of paper.

It is currently unknown why or how Apocalizarro got in the pizzeria and what he is, but it's rumored that he's from the planet Htrae and was conceived from a Czarnian parent, looking at how he looks. He's often helping the night guard if you ever see him.

Locations Edit

He can go anywhere. He's most likely in the office, or in the kitchen eating pizza. If he's in the office or kitchen, there's a chance that if you go in he'll hide.

Behaviour Edit

He's a well-meaning being, but due to his handicapped mind, he's often easily manipulated and turned on people. He often says the opposite of what he means. (For example, if he said "Me hate the security man", he's actually saying "I love the security guard.") He never attacks anyone unless all other routes are exhausted. He is very aggressive to specific animatronics but is otherwise passive.

Relationships Edit

To be added....

Trivia Edit

  • The word "Apocalypse" is a complete final destruction of the world, meaning "uncovering" in Greek.